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How do you manage an office fit out?

There are many ways of procuring and managing an office fit out. These depend greatly on your move dates (often lease end date), your budget and the level of input needed on your office design.

It is also likely you will have to nominate either an individual, or small team, within the business who can be on hand to manage the project. These people will also be doing their normal business role and it is likely to affect their ability to do their normal job activities while they support the office move.

Often, being tasked with sorting the office move and don't know where to start people inevitably Google "how do I move my office". Whilst this will provide a list of competent commercial agents and contractors who are in your area, it will also be the start of a process which involves one of the largest expenses to your business, all whilst trying to manage disruptions and business continuity. Therefore should the the business ask itself if plucking a name from Google is the right way to procure a team to deliver your office fit out project? This is where the engagement of a project manager who has experience in office fit out can help, particularly in those early stages when you are reliant on clarity of advice. Having professional support with sourcing local commercial agents, a review on building searches with your agent, the development of a realistic and affordable budget, an explanation on your project timeline options and someone to advise you on contractor procurement strategies are all key at this early stage to a successful project.

Your project manager will speak to you in clear terms. They won't use jargon or give you false hope and will set out a clear strategy to deliver your project and manage it in a coordinated manner. They will be there to protect your project and business whilst freeing your team to focus on their own roles, all whilst leaving you safe in the hands of an expert in the management of office fit out. If you want to discuss how Quantile Project Management can assist with your project, then please do get in contract via our website links.

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